Arbitrator Intelligence: Data Analytics to Inform Arbitrator Selection

ID# 2019-4946
Arbitrator Intelligence process

Technology Summary

Most international arbitrations are confidential and information about past cases is treated as proprietary. At the outset of a new international arbitration, however, parties and lawyers need information about others’ past arbitrations. Currently, there is no way to access that information. This technology is a confidential online platform to collect anonymized, vital, non-public information about past international arbitration cases. Information is collected through an online questionnaire, which is then analyzed to produce a report. Reports reveal individual arbitrators’ track records in comparison with relevant industry baselines and other individual arbitrators’ track records, improving arbitrator selection and informing case strategy.

Application & Market Utility

This technology will provide parties with highly valuable insights to enable strategic, informed selection of optimal arbitrators for parties’ high-stakes legal disputes. It has been publicly acknowledged by law firms, corporations, and industry leaders as an important innovation that will reshape the rapidly expanding, multi-billion-dollar international arbitration market by providing uniquely valuable, quantifiable, and contextualized arbitrator data. This proprietary information will also facilitate development of other data analytics products to expand the platform.

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