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Bullying Prevention and Social Emotional Learning

ID# 2015-4417
Project TEAM Starter Kit

Technology Summary

Project TEAM provides schools a holistic approach to decreasing bullying and other antisocial behaviors in order to create an improved, more collaborative climate. The school-wide programming includes curriculum, materials, training, and software that meet state laws and mandates on bullying and social emotional learning. The programming seeks to instill in students the six foundations of (1) helping others, (2) positive change, (3) anti-bullying, (4) problem solving, (5) resiliency, and (6) leadership.

Application & Market Utility

Schools are mandated by law to have training and a plan for bullying prevention. A combination of bullying prevention and social emotional learning models makes Project TEAM cost effective and appealing to schools. Project TEAM curriculum and materials are currently being used in elementary schools. Other potential markets for Project TEAM include nonprofit organizations and other organizations that work with children, as well as professional development trainings for teachers to earn Act 48 credits (Pennsylvania-mandated Continuing Professional Education).

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