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Growing Gallium Nitride on Glass Using a Silicon Seed Layer

ID# 2016-4522
GaN Grown on Si Seed Layer

Technology Summary

This invention allows for the growth of gallium nitride on amorphous glass substrates through the use of a thin silicon seed layer formed by aluminum-induced crystallization. Gallium nitride on glass has typically been realized only through small area polycrystalline growth or through thin film transfer from a foreign substrate. This invention enables a novel method for growing gallium nitride directly on amorphous glass substrates through the use of a highly oriented silicon seed layer.

Application & Market Utility

This technology allows for significantly cheaper substrates to be used for applications such as LEDs and power electronics. The highly oriented silicon seed layer allows for gallium nitride growth to proceed as if growth were being performed on a crystalline silicon substrate instead of an amorphous substrate. This eliminates the need for transferring of GaN from foreign substrates as well as the need for expensive substrates such as sapphire or silicon carbide.

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