Light-Weight, Nature-based Composition to Filter and Kill Pathogens

ID# 2019-4926
Pathogen removal includes E. coli

Technology Summary

The inventors have coated natural substrates with a water extractable cationic antimicrobial protein that binds to negatively charged particles, including bacteria and viruses. The high surface area of the substrates adsorbs more protein and captures more bacteria and viruses at a nearly an order of magnitude higher flowrate than conventional substrates. The researchers examined pathogen removal at flow rates ranging from 2 mL/minute to 50 mL/minute achieved the EPA standard removal for both E. coli (6-log) and MS2 (4-log). Experimental results demonstrated an optimum flowrate of 10 ml/minute for bacteria and 6 ml/minute for virus removal.

Application & Market Utility

Invention could be purposed as a portable, disaster-relief water filter that biodegrades after use. Given the coating’s coagulant inherent properties, the filter’s antimicrobial properties allow for repurposing as a wound dressing. The materials could be extended into air filter/mask to prevent the spread of airborne pathogens or HVAC filters to prevent Legionnaire’s Disease or mold spores. The filter could have use as a component in first aid kits. Finally, the low-cost filters could find use for animal husbandry, in light of growing restrictions against antibiotic usage.

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