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Model for Predicting Autism

ID# 2015-4322
Bioinformatics Used to Predict Autism

Technology Summary

Liu’s technology is an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) prediction model capable of reliably identifying children at high risk for ASD as early as 6 months after birth, well before the manifestation of any well-known ASD behavioral symptoms. The technology uses data from electronic medical records to reliably identify clinical indicators of ASD. This allows for earlier specialist intervention, providing children with ASD a more favorable health outcome.

Application & Market Utility

Currently, 1 out of every 68 US children has ASD, and the prevalence is rising at an alarming rate. The target customers are concerned parents, pediatricians, and social-service/early intervention agencies. Over $435 million in federal funding is provided annually for early intervention agencies. The older a child is when diagnosed with autism, the higher the medical costs required to treat the child. Therefore, insurance companies would be a strong potential customer to obtain early detection of at-risk children to initiate early intervention and reduce medical costs.

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