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Nickel-Containing Metallosilicates for Olefin Oligomerization

ID# 2017-4693
Micrograph of novel zeolite

Technology Summary

The subject invention covers a novel zeolite composition having catalytic activity for ethylene oligomerization. The catalyst has large pore sizes, tunable structure with active sites that can be precisely designed to control and optimize reaction rate and selectivity of the reactions. These porous catalysts have demonstrated mechanical and thermal stability at temperatures below 200 degrees Celsius, regenerable, and can be utilized in gas-phase continuous reaction conditions without the requirement of a pyrophoric co-catalyst. Tuning the active site concentration further improves the catalyst stability, activity and product selectivity, including increasing the amount of higher molecular weight products (generally C6-C10).

Application & Market Utility

A variety of heterogeneous catalysts have been explored for their use in the oligomerization of ethylene as an alternative, environmentally friendly process of generating olefins in the manufacture of additives and liquid transportation fuels. Common zeolite catalysts contain Bronsted acid (BA) sites that lead to the formation of a broad spectrum of side-products, severe catalyst deactivation and low oligomeric product selectivity. Common zeolite catalysts also require high temperatures (T > 200 degrees Celsius) to increase the catalytic activity.

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