No-till Row Crop Interseeder and Applicator

ID# 2010-3730
InterSeeder operating through a field.

Technology Summary

The invention is an apparatus that has a no till soil preparation element, a cover crop seed applicator, a fertilizer applicator, and a post seeding element. Cover crops are just one of the many initiatives farmers are taking to improve sustainability. The equipment operates in no-tillage fields and has a multi-faceted approach to plant cover crop seeds. The device prepares the soil without tilling or forming furrows with wavy coulters. The device then releases fertilizer on the standing crops, i.e. corn, and has a delayed release of herbicide on the cover crops.

Application & Market Utility

Cover crops are a crop that get planted between parallel rows of crops like corn. They are a cost-effective and sustainable way to prevent soil erosion and reduce nutrient runoff. Another sustainable measure that farmers are putting in place includes no-tillage production. In no-tillage production, the field is not plowed or cultivated between crops. This helps to conserve soil moisture, reduce potential for soil erosion, and reduce energy costs associated with corn production. With these measures in place there is still an issue with fertilizer and herbicide runoff.

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