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Precise Ultrasound-Guided Placement of Brain Catheters

ID# 2015-4326
Proposed Device Guiding an EVD

Technology Summary

External Ventricular Drains (EVDs) are typically placed by neurosurgeons using anatomical landmarks to guide their passage. This technique relies heavily on the practitioner’s skill level and may require multiple passes through normal, undamaged brain.

The present invention provides a fixation device and locking assembly for the accurate insertion of medical devices such as EVDs. The device provides a means of detecting a patient’s internal anatomy and localizing a desired target. The device is capable of at least partially locking into position to maintain accuracy

Application & Market Utility

There is a need for a navigational device for use in unstable patients in the ICU who require precise placement of devices, such as external ventricular drains (EVD) to prevent ischemia or herniation.

Stereotactic surgical procedures generally employ navigation equipment that utilize optical and electromagnetic technologies. These technologies rely on previously obtained and processed images calibrated to patient landmarks. The systems are large, expensive, and have several parts that require a stable, unencumbered platform for use. Novel technologies need to be explored to help advance the field.

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