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Tunable Materials based on Recombinant Structural Repetitive Proteins

ID# 2014-4284
Structural repetitive proteins (SRPs)

Technology Summary

Recombinant structural repetitive proteins (SRP) are a thermoplastic biodegradable material with a variety of tunable properties, which is competitive with high-end synthetic petroleum-based plastics. The material is semi-crystalline and can be made rigid or soft, exhibiting very high tensile strength. Among other applications, the team seeks to develop smart textiles which are multicapable and can be used in a variety of applications, while being environmentally friendly and efficient.

Application & Market Utility

Current applications under consideration include: a self-healing, high-strength textile; a wet adhesive for medical/surgical uses; and cosmetic uses. The material has the advantage of being eco-friendly. Polymers like those in SRPs can be manufactured into polyelectrolyte coatings, made up of positively and negatively charged polymers, to impart various functions, such as clothing that degrades toxins from pesticides.

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