Customer Discovery 101

Empowering Entrepreneurs to Uncover and Meet Customer Needs

Customer Discovery 101 is a completely free, user-friendly online program, specifically designed to assist potential business owners in understanding customer needs and developing effective strategies. Launched through Invent Penn State’s LaunchBox and Innovation Network, this innovative resource provides essential tools and knowledge to help entrepreneurs understand their customers, set clear objectives, and develop strategies that align with market needs.

By empowering all entrepreneurs with the right tools and knowledge, this program aims to support the growth of local economies and foster innovation in underserved areas.

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“We are excited to offer this valuable resource to the community. Customer Discovery 101 is designed to be accessible and practical, helping entrepreneurs build a strong foundation for their businesses. We believe this program will be especially helpful for those in rural areas who may not have easy access to traditional business support services.”

— Annie Hughes, Statewide coordinator of the Invent Penn State LaunchBox & Innovation Network

Self-Guided, Step-by-Step Learning

Participants in the Customer Discovery 101 program benefit from self-guided, step-by-step learning that allows them to progress at their own pace. This format ensures that users can thoroughly explore each aspect of customer discovery, from identifying target markets to developing effective business strategies. The structured yet flexible approach includes detailed educational videos and guides, enabling participants to absorb information in a way that fits their schedule and learning style.

Expert Guidance and Mentorship

Participants gain access to personalized support from seasoned coaches and mentors. These experienced professionals provide tailored advice to help entrepreneurs navigate challenges and seize opportunities. By offering one-on-one guidance and constructive feedback, coaches and mentors ensure that participants can refine their strategies and achieve their business goals with confidence.

Comprehensive Workbook

This downloadable workbook offers structured guidance, helping participants systematically document their progress and insights as they engage with potential customers. It includes practical exercises and templates that enable entrepreneurs to refine their business ideas, validate assumptions, and develop customer-centric strategies. 

Great for Rural Businesses Owners

This program can be particularly beneficial for rural entrepreneurs who often face unique challenges such as limited access to traditional business support services and resources. This digital resource enables broader access and reach to founders unable to visit a LaunchBox or innovation space for support due to physical or geographic limitations, as well as those who may prefer to just work independently online.

Program Eligibility

  • Open to all PA residents
  • Ideal for businesses of any type, whether just starting out or looking to grow.
  • No Penn State University affiliation is required – this program is accessible to everyone.

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Free, user-friendly online program, specifically designed to assist potential business owners in understanding customer needs and developing effective strategies.