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LIVE from State College: honeygrow Founder Justin Rosenberg

Justin Rosenberg is Founder and CEO of honeygrow, a fast-casual stir-fry and salad concept founded in Philadelphia in 2012. With a mission to create a unique, spirited brand focused on simple, wholesome foods, Rosenberg has led the company’s creation and growth, which currently has 41 locations.

In this special LIVE episode recording, which took place during Penn State Startup Week powered by PNC on Wednesday, March 20, Justin shares his story of perseverance and success with honeygrow.

Justin first pitched honeygrow 93 times to investors before finally landing a deal and opening the first location in the Rittenhouse neighborhood of Philadelphia. Since then, the company has raised over $80 million in equity financing and has grown into the Boston, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Washington DC and the New York City metro areas.

Towards the middle of the episode, in-person audience members got the opportunity to ask Justin a few questions of their own.

Watch the livestream on YouTube: https://youtube.com/live/xzn1YlRV_0A?feature=share

Episode Chapters

0:00 – 6:54 Where Justin Grew Up/Early Years

6:54 – 10:08 Penn State Experience

10:08 -12:31 First Jobs Out of College

12:31 – 20:00 Launching honeygrow

20:00 – 23:33 Challenges Faced in Restaurant Business

23:33 – 25:21 honeygrow’s Community Engagement

25:21 – 28:46 Noodles and Leadership

28:46 – 36:01 Audience Questions

36:01 – 40:39 Challenges Faced Expanding honeygrow’s Footprint

40:39 – 43:58 Food Delivery Model

43:58 – 45:37 Importance of Accounting

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About Justin Rosenberg

Justin Rosenberg is Founder and CEO of honeygrow. He graduated with a degree in history from Penn State.

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