A Novel Reverse Transcriptase Enzyme

ID# 2016-4464
PCV1 is Purified from Jalapeno Pepper

Technology Summary

An RNA dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp) was developed comprising RT activity for use in producing cDNA from double stranded RNA (dsRNA). The RdRp, which originated from PCV1 virus, contains a domain that is similar to a domain found in RT enzymes. The RdRp functions as a RT enzyme that works on dsRNA at room temperature and will be suitable for use as a RT without the inconveniences of a retrovirus-derived RT enzyme. This invention also includes methods of making the RT proteins. These methods comprise both isolating the virus that comprises the RdRp from the host and using isolated particles for performing reverse transcription, or by producing the protein recombinantly. Producing the protein recombinantly requires introducing an expression vector encoding the RdRp into suitable host cells. Any dsRNA can be used as a template for cDNA production using the approaches of this invention.

Application & Market Utility

Technique to covert dsRNA into cDNA is more efficient than other methods. No need for toxic chemicals. No need to reach or maintain high temperature levels. Greater maintenance of enzyme fidelity during conversion to DNA compared to other techniques. Greater efficiency and consistency in converting dsRNA into ssDNA than other techniques

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