Anti-Fouling & Eco-Friendly Slippery Surface Coating for Cleaning and

ID# 2016-4510
Coating Process to form LESS

Technology Summary

We have developed a sprayable environmentally-friendly coating called the liquid-entrenched smooth surface (LESS). It’s demonstrated excellent anti-fouling properties function against urine, feces and bacterial biofilms, which leads to enhanced cleaning efficiency of surfaces. Through the support of the ENGINE grant, we aim to optimize the LESS formulation to achieve faster and simpler coating procedures, as well as to enhance coating durability and longevity in a typical environment.

Application & Market Utility

Advanced ecofriendly technologies that enhance cleaning efficiency are highly sought after for janitorial services for large institutions. Specifically, the ability to reduce fixture cleaning time (i.e., toilets and urinals), the associated labor costs, and chemicals usage will lead to significant cost savings for the more than 140,000 janitorial service providers in the U.S..

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