Bioabsorbable Foam for Large-Defect Wound Care

ID# 2013-4043
Biofoam is hydrated before insertion

Technology Summary

The technology is a soft, resilient hemostatic biofoam useful for treating both intracavity and surface wounds. The material conforms to irregular wound shapes to stop bleeding and transitions to a porous gel protecting newly formed tissue. It is naturally bioabsorbable and composed of low cost, FDA-approved ingredients. Technology provides an improved wound care solution for many applications: traumatic wounds, surgical wounds, surface wounds, and possibly even negative-pressure wound healing. Because the material is also edible and a tissue scaffold, applications may extend into engineered foods involving animal tissue, such as in vivo meat production.

Application & Market Utility

The product can be used as a traditional wound care product (US market $2.3 billion per year), an active wound care product (US market $1.6 billion per year), and an advanced wound care (US market $2.2 billion per year). It may also be an ideal foam for negative pressure wound healing (US market for therapy $1 billion per year).

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