Build Orientation for Minimizing Thermal Distortion in Metal AM

ID# 2019-4985
A part positioned using the heuristic

Technology Summary

Thermal distortion significantly impacts the dimensional accuracy, mechanical properties, and build success of laser-based powder bed fusion (PBF). Determining the best build orientation to minimize distortion currently requires extensive simulation and computational power as candidate orientations are evaluated. We have developed a fast heuristic for finding a part’s build orientation to minimize thermal distortion when using laser PBF.

Application & Market Utility

Pre-processing in PBF additive manufacturing can be tedious and time-consuming, requiring many iterations and an experienced user. The build orientations generated with the fast heuristic were simulated to demonstrate its effectiveness with a range of parts and materials. The fast heuristic yields equivalent (or better) results when compared to several commercial software packages in significantly less time and with minimal computation.

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