Computational Approach to Photography Aesthetics

ID# 2006-3210
Accuracy Plot

Technology Summary

The technology analyzes the pixel content of an image to determine the aesthetic quality and composition, and suggests ideal cropping or creates an aesthetically appealing thumbnail for the image. It can be used to help consumers take more appealing photos or better manage their photo libraries. Further, the software can be used by online businesses for analyzing the market potential of their digital advertising materials. While over one trillion photos are taken every year, a vast majority of the photos are being taken without professional skills. This technology aim to empower consumers and amateurs with professional photography capabilities without the need for expensive professional equipment or corresponding skills.

Application & Market Utility

The technology can be used to enhance the photo-taking or photo-managing capabilities of mobile phones, making them more useful to consumers. The market potential is estimated to be about $100 million per year, based on the number of smartphones produced every year. The technology can also be used by online social networks or e-commerce businesses to analyze their vast visual content.

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