Flap Jack Surgical Retractor

ID# 2015-4335
Diagram for Novel Skin Retractor

Technology Summary

The Flap Jack is a disposable, self-retaining surgical retractor that allows operation with a single hand. It is comprised of an upper and lower flat blade, interconnected by an expanding elastic design. It is inserted through incision into the breast pocket and advanced as dissection continues. Once inside the breast pocket, the lower blade rests on the anterior surface of the tissue overlying the rib cage, while the upper surface rests against the inside surface of the integument. The surgeon can access the inside of the breast pocket for dissection between these two blades, which continue to expand elastically for better visualization as more tissue is removed for the pocket. Compared to other retractors, this invention is highly adaptable, inexpensive, and disposable. This invention increases the efficiency of a surgeon’s workflow, especially while operating in narrow cavities.

Application & Market Utility

Approximately 300,000 breast surgery procedures are performed annually in the US for treatment, reconstruction, and cosmetic indications. Mastectomies present a unique surgical challenge, especially regarding gaining access and achieving visibility for dissection within the breast pocket through the small incision. With about 238,000 mastectomies performed annually, there is a strong need for devices assisting improved methods in this procedure.

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