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RNA-Guided Multiplex Genome Editing via the tRNA Processing System

ID# 2014-4242
tRNA System for Multiplex Genome Editing

Technology Summary

The technology provides a method for ef?cient production of numerous gRNAs in vivo from a synthetic polycistronic gene via an endogenous RNA processing system. The technology represents an improved method that facilitates robust genome editing at multiple loci. Methods could be used to improve many RNA-based multiplex technologies, including but not limited to CRISPR/Cas9-mediated genome editing and modifications, epigenome editing, RNA targeting, transcriptional modulation, and artificial microRNA mediated gene silencing. The disclosed methods may additionally be used to insert exogenous DNA sequences into a predetermined location and target DNA sequences for knock-out or mutation via deletion. Disclosed methods and compositions have a broad range application for small RNA expression and genome engineering, additionally including cell culture and animal models.

Application & Market Utility

This technology could used to improve crop yield, quality, stress tolerance, and insect/disease/herbicide resistance by simultaneously manipulating multiple essential genes or quantitative trait loci. Because this technology is based on the tRNA processing system that is existent in virtually all organisms, its applications in genome engineering extend to microbes, animals, and humans for industrial and medical biotechnology such as gene therapy.

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