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Smart Tip LVAD Cannula

ID# 2011-3880
Sensing Elements of Conductance Cannula

Technology Summary

It is an advanced LVAD cannula for long-term mechanical circulatory support for transplant and heart failure patients. The design is simple and versatile to be easily fitted to existing LVAD’s. The robust design facilitates streamlined blood flow while performing various tasks based on the circulatory needs of the individual at different situations. It minimizes ventricular wall collapse and suction events. It reduces the need for unnecessary wires by operating on remote frequency technology which incorporates pressure and volume adjustments unlike current continuous flow LVADs. It incorporates conductance catheter technology, a novel application not seen in existing LVAD’s. The Smart tip LVAD cannula provides better ventricular unloading based on physiological and circulatory needs during exercise, sleep, and other activities, reducing abrupt blood flow and further heart failure.

Application & Market Utility

Current continuous flow LVADs cancause section in the ventricle leading to serious consequences. The Smart Tip can provide volume and pressure infromation that can be used to control the pump. In addtion, this is accomplkished without wires using RF technology.

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