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Synergy of Schweinfurthins with Anti-PD1 Immounotherapy for Melanoma

ID# 2018-4724
Example schweinfurthin compound.

Technology Summary

In the current invention, schwienfurthin compounds are used in conjunction with anti-PD-1-mediated immunotherapy in order to improve response rates for metastatic melanoma as well as other advanced stage cancers. Schweinfurthins may improve existing cancer immunotherapies by inducing initial tumor cell death that could lead to stronger or more sustained anti-tumor immune responses.

Application & Market Utility

It is estimated that there will be over 87,000 new cases of melanoma diagnosed in the US in 2017, and that this will lead to approximately one death from this cancer every hour. Schweinfurthins improve the overall and durable response rates toward immunotherapy. The synergy between the two treatments has shown to delay tumor progression and, in some cases, resulted in complete tumor regression. While there are other compounds and some approved drugs none of them are as powerful as the schweinfurthins.

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