Systems and Methods For Deploying and Securing Endotracheal Tubes

ID# 2022-5192
Figure 1: Endotracheal Tube System attached to patient

Technology Summary

While the use of endotracheal tubes can be extremely helpful in establishing and maintaining a patient’s airway, in some cases, patients can inadvertently remove the endotracheal tube, thereby compromising the established airway. Unplanned extubations occur frequentlyin the medical setting, and have high mortality risks associated therewith. However, there are few devices available that can mitigate the removal of a deployed endotracheal tube. Thus, a system and method of deploying and securing an endotracheal tube has been proposed such that it would minimize the chance of dislodging.

Application & Market Utility

As of 2023, the market for endotracheal tubes is estimated to be $2.3 billion. There is projected growth with the market expected to reach $4.5 billion by 2033. In addition to a favorable Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) and existing market, the patient outcome improvements realized from a medical device that can decrease the incidence of patient harm and death as a result of UE cannot be understated. The proposed invention addresses some of the issues with current endotracheal tubes and aims to increase patient safety from inadvertent complications.

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