Technology for Oil Spill Recovery and Clean-up

ID# 2015-4347
Petrogel absorbs petroleum

Technology Summary

The investigators have developed and patented a new polyolefin-based hydrocarbon super-absorbent polymer (Petrogel®) that can effectively transform a maritime oil spill into a floating solid (oil-swelled gel), ready for collection (recovery by skimmer) and refining as regular crude oil, with no special disposal requirements and no residual waste in natural resources.

Application & Market Utility

Three standard methods are commonly deployed to combat an oil spill on the open sea today, including booms and skimmers, dispersants, and in situ burning. These methods are either ineffective or have deleterious environmental consequences. Most of the spilled oil is wasted, becoming pollutants in the air and water. Small fractions that are recovered generate a large quantity of solid and liquid waste. The technology provides a system for collection and reuse or recycling of spilled hydrocarbons.

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