Waste Heat Energy Conversion using Ammonia-based Battery

ID# 2014-4238
Stack gas sources low-grade waste heat

Technology Summary

The disclosed invention is a thermally regenerative ammonia-based battery (TRAB) that can capture waste heat from industrial machinery and turn it into electricity. The power is derived from copper-based battery electrode reactions, with recharging achieved by separating out ammonia (NH3) from spent electrolyte using a closed-loop system with waste heat.

Application & Market Utility

Low-grade heat utilization has potential for carbon-neutral electricity production. Large amounts of low-grade heat energy is available at many industrial sites; it can also be produced from geothermal and solar-based processes.

The proposed invention has a maximum power density 60Wm-2 which is significantly higher than liquid-based thermal-electric energy-based systems (<10Wm-2). The energy density was 453 Whm-3 which was higher than current reverse electrodialysis systems (118 Whm-3).

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