Invent Penn State Resources

The graphics, templates and materials in this section will help you communicate effectively about Invent Penn State within the context of Penn State, LaunchBoxes innovation hubs.

Have Questions?

For questions about branding, trademark and logo use, language, file types, functionality or production options please contact us.

Brand Guidelines
Invent Penn State Marketing and Communications Toolkit 2016

This printed toolkit was the first attempt to provide resources to Invent Penn State innovation hubs. Most items in it can be found below in an easily accessible format, so likely you won't need it, but we are posting it for newcomers.

Logo Collections
Invent Penn State Mark with Tagline

A collection of Invent Penn State logos with the tagline "the ingenious power of partnership," in various file formats and approved color schemes. Marks may not be created or altered. Please contact us for help with co-branding with your campus and partners.

Invent Penn State Mark with No Tagline

A collection of Invent Penn State logos, with no tagline, in various file formats and approved color schemes. Marks may not be created or altered. Please contact us for help with co-branding with your campus and partners.

Boilerplate Language

The boilerplate description to use when describing Invent Penn State.

Navigator Graphics

Turn these graphics into clickable links on your website so users can access the Resource Navigator, IP Navigator and Startup Navigator from anywhere. Graphics are also available in a block style.

PowerPoint Template

This slide template provides a consistent image, voice and presentation style when presenting about the Invent Penn State initiative. Campuses may replace the Penn State mark with their campus mark.

Exterior Signage
Door Placard

Place this sign at doorways to co-brand your innovation hub and highlight the connection to Invent Penn State.

Interior Signage

effective marketing items we have is the retractable banners. They're easy to transport, are highly visible and a provide a perfect background for media and photo opportunities on stages, in classrooms and in our hubs.

Podium Signs

Podium signs ensure Invent Penn State events are branded for both the current audience and future audience (in photographs).


Attending or hosting an event? Set yourself apart with a branded tablecloth. This is a great way to co-brand with campus activities.

Print Materials
Ecosystem Guide

The Ecosystem Guide is a sample of a comprehensive entrepreneurship ecosystem resource inventory. This one is for State College, but you can use the file and matrix to create your own. Simply replace the photo and listings.

Invent Penn State Yearly Updates

The yearly updates are a comprehensive look at what Invent Penn State has accomplished and how the initiative has grown. In 2019 we are changing the format slightly to simply be the 2019 brochure. Look for this during Summer. We print a large quantity of these and will provide what you need. Please contact us.

A1 Notecard

In the digital age, sending a card for invitations to events and thank you notes to sponsors and partners adds a personal touch. This is a notecard, but could be printed on the inside to serve as an invitation.


The notepads are an excellent handout at events where notes may be taken.

Pocket Folder

Branded folders are a great way distribute materials and get your business card into people's hands. We print a large quantity of these, so if you need a small quantity we will send them to you.

Business Cards

Branded business cards can help you quickly establish credibility with your connection to Invent Penn State. For Invent Penn State staff we have approval from Strategic Communications to print on the back. Note: If you are a LaunchBox, use that card format with LaunchBox on the back.


Use branded envelopes when mailing Invent Penn State related communications.


Make a great first impression with this professional letterhead.


A great giveaway to highlight a program, place or theme. Strategically provide to event speakers or dignitaries being photographed.


Give your brand visibility in homes, offices and class rooms.


Everybody needs a pen eventually. Pairs nicely with the notepads.

Laptop Stickers

Laptop, tablet and smartphone stickers create visibility and are fun.