National Science Foundation I-Corps Program

2019 - 2020 Teams

Adaptive Orthopedix

Developing more comfortable and breathable orthopedic equipment

Team Members

Nickolas McTish – Entrepreneur, Founder, Adaptive Orthopedix

Dr. Marietta Scanion – Academic Lead, Assistant Teaching Professor, Penn State

Dr. Martin Ross – Mentor, General Orthopedic Surgeon

Adjustable Wheelchair Armrests

Worked to develop a new, more comfortable and more adjustable armrest for wheelchairs

Team Members

Emily Bowman – Entrepreneur, Founder, Adjustable Wheelchair Armrests

Sadan Kulturel-Konak – Academic Lead, Idea TestLab Mentor

Arbitrator Intelligence

Developed an online platform to collect and analyze data related to arbitration and arbitrator selection

Team Members

Catherine A. Rogers – Founder and CEO of Arbitrator Intelligence, Professor of Law, Penn State

Susan Stewart – CFO/COO at Arbitrator Intelligence

Alan Crain – Chairman, Board of Directors at Arbitrator Intelligence

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Arentz Adjustables 

Developing a new design of patient table for therapeutic uses

Team Members

Georgia Arentz – Entrepreneur, Founder, Arentz Adjustables

Sadan Kulturel-Konak – Academic Lead, Director, Flemming Creativity

Randy Saylor – Mentor, CEO, The Teq Group


Developed a new hybrid bioprinting approach, which enables BioRun to pick and precisely bioprint a wide range of biologics into/onto a gel substrate with minimal cellular damage

Team Members

Bugra Ayan – Entrepreneur, PhD Candidate, Penn State

Ibrahim Tarik Ozbolat – Academic Lead, Associate Professor, Penn State

Enigma Networkz

A SaaS cybersecurity company built to provide organizations with enriched security insights and actionable alerts by leveraging their existing security infrastructure and investments with Enigma Networkz’s platform

Team Members

Mark Viglione – Entrepreneur, Founder, Enigma Networkz

Michael Bartolacci – Academic Lead, Professor of Information Sciences and Technology, Penn State

Chris Kohl – Mentor, CIO, Vertex, Inc.


Developed a tool for outdoor enthusiasts that helps them become active in cleaning up our earth’s plastic pollution, “One Clean Earth Bag at a Time.”

Team Members

Tyler Waltenbaugh – Entrepreneur, Founder, FishGods

Anthony Peyronel – Academic Lead, Professor of Public Relations, Edinboro University

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Girls Code the World

Nonprofit that provides opportunities, resources, and role models for young girls in STEM-related fields through a series of education programs and extended mentorships

Team Members

Sydney Gibbard – Entrepreneur, Founder, Girls Code the World

Lee Erickson – Academic Lead, Chief Amplifier, Happy Valley LaunchBox

Eli Kariv – Mentor, Founder and Advisor, The Coding Space

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Startup in the job search and hiring space

Team Members

Steve Lutz – Entrepreneur, Founder, JobMatch

Steve Carpenter – Academic Lead, Adjunct Instructor, Penn State

Scott Johnson – Business Mentor, Entrepreneur in Residence, Ben Franklin

Jones and Karaffa Technologies

Team Members

Andrew Jones – Entrepreneur, Founder, Jones and Karaffa Technologies

Dr. Marietta Scanlon – Academic Lead, Head of EMET Program, Penn State


Team Members

John Stogin – Entrepreneur, Founder, Metr

Lee Erickson – Academic Lead, Chief Amplifier, Happy Valley LaunchBox

Russ Lawrence – Mentor, Director of Innovation

M2 Additive Manufacturing LLC

Developed a new extruder for use in 3D printing that allows for a much wider range of material usage

Team Members

Michael Paul – Entrepreneur, Founder, M2 Additive Manufacturing LLC

Bob Dornich – Academic Lead, Director, The TechCelerator

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Regenerative Education Evolution Lab (REEL)

Developed a student tracking system for first semester medical students identifying student at risk of not passing using a distributed retrieval practice algorithm

Team Members

Raymond Robinson – Entrepreneur, Founder, REEL

Soundar Kumara – Academic Lead, Professor, Penn State

Allan Darr – Mentor, Serial Entrepreneur

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Developed a way to provide a swift, technology driven, accurate background check reports to employers

Team Members

Aaron Cotter – Entrepreneur, Company President, SwiftCheck

Dr. Rujirutana Mandhachitara – Academic Lead, Associate Professor, Penn State

Mike Bauer – Mentor, Chief Product Officer, MachineShop

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Seeks to build awareness of student-started companies by giving them a platform to tell the world what they are doing and what they need to grow their companies

Team Members

Maxim Clouser – Entrepreneur, Founder, StudVent

Lee Erickson – Academic Lead, Chief Amplifier, Happy Valley LaunchBox

Michael Clouser – Mentor, Co-Founder, The Startup Race

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Developing an assistive cooking device that provides a light but stable bowl that can be tilted and locked in place then scraped with one hand

Team Members

Elizabeth Pfisterer – Entrepreneur, Founder, Tilt-a-Bowl

Jacob Marsh – Academic Lead, Industry Relations Coordinator, Penn State

Tim Ritter – Mentor, CEO, Universal Protective Packaging, Inc.

Verde Mantis

Designed a 3D printer that delivers the most hassle-free 3d printing experience available

Team Members

Joseph Sinclair – Entrepreneur, Founder, Verde Mantis

Timothy W. Simpson – Academic Lead, Director, Additive Manufacturing & Design Graduate Program, Penn State

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Viaduct Tool Library

Developed an app to integrate with a library of tools to assist with checking in and checking out tools as well as track analytics on tool borrowing

Team Members

Zachary Monnier – Entrepreneur, Founder, Viaduct Tool Library

Annie L. Hughes – Academic Lead, Director, Harrisburg LaunchBox

Wavelength LLC

Developed a creative marketplace connecting musicians to visual/audio creators such as graphic designers, videographers, photographers, audio engineers, etc.

Team Members

Oluwasanmi Ariyo – Entrepreneur, Founder, Wavelength LLC

Lee Erikson – Academic Lead, Chief Amplifier, Happy Valley LaunchBox

Will Toms – Mentor, Chief Brand Officer, RecPhilly