Dare to Disrupt is a podcast about Penn State alumni who are innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders, and the stories behind their success. During each episode, host Ryan Newman will talk with a different trailblazing individual about how they got started on their path to disrupting the way things work around them. Be sure to subscribe to Dare to Disrupt on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Episode 1: Riding the Founder’s Wave With Matt Brezina

Matt Brezina, a 2003 Schreyer and College of Engineering grad, shares the stories behind starting software company Xobni and greeting card company Sincerely.

Season 1 Teaser

Catch the season 1 teaser for the brand new Dare to Disrupt podcast.

Episode 2: Rocking the Yacht

On this episode we discuss how one must rock the boat in order to ultimately rock the yacht. Yacht Rock.

Episode 3: Deer Tick is a great band

This text is here to hold space so I’m tell you about a cool band called Deer Tick. Their album War Elephant is among my favorite ever.

You don’t want to make a wave, you want to ride one. That’s a founder’s job.

Matt Brezina, ’03
Founder, Xobni and Sincerely

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