Corporate Engagement Center Resources

The graphics, templates and materials in this section will help you communicate effectively about the Corporate Engagement Center in the context of Invent Penn State.

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Brand Guidelines
Corporate Engagement Center Mark

A collection of Corporate Engagement Center logos in various file formats and approved color schemes. Marks may not be created or altered. Please contact us for help with co-branding with your campus and partners.

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The boilerplate description to use when describing Penn State Corporate Engagement Center.

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Digital Marketing
PowerPoint Template

This slide template provides a consistent image, voice and presentation style when presenting about the Corporate Engagement Center.

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Email Header

Use this header to brand internal documents including emails, presentations, documents to key stakeholders, etc.

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Innovation Gateway Email Header

Use this Corporate Engagement Center branded email marketing header to communicate pertinent information related specifically to the Innovation Gateway.

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Use this electronic letterhead template for formal correspondence to make a great first impression. (Physical letterhead template can be found below.)

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Print Materials
Pocket Folder

Branded folders are a great way distribute materials and get your business card into people's hands. We print a large quantity of these, so if you need a small quantity we will send them to you.

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These notepads are an excellent handout at events where notes may be taken.

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Use branded business cards, envelopes and letterhead for your office needs.

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