LaunchBox and Innovation Network Resources

The graphics, templates and materials in this section will help you communicate effectively about your LaunchBox or innovation space in the context of Invent Penn State and other innovation spaces as you inspire and support entrepreneurship in your community. Each LaunchBox is branded specifically for its community. Visual identity and naming guidelines must be strictly followed for all registered marks.

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For questions about branding, trademark and logo use, language, file functionality or guidance on vendors, please contact Krystle Yarrison at

Brand Guidelines
Visual Identity & Naming Guidelines

The LaunchBox Visual Identity & Naming Guidelines ensure the LaunchBox brand remains strong and that Penn State can protect this mark.

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LaunchBox & Innovation Network logo
LaunchBox Marks & Icons

A collection of icon graphics and approved logos for each LaunchBox. Marks are owned by Penn State and must be issued to you. You may not create or alter your mark. Icons must be used in the context of the complete LaunchBox mark.

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Coworking icon
Program & Service Icons

A collection of program and service icons for the LaunchBox & Innovation Network. You may not create or alter icons.

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Network Impact Data
Network Impact Surveys

Data on activities and outcomes from every innovation space, which can be used in grant applications, public relations, university development activity, internal assessments and local partnership development.

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Invent Penn State LaunchBox and Innovation Network Impact Infographic
Network Infographics

Network map and infographics that showcase its statewide impact.

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Digital Marketing
LaunchBox Website Template

Invent Penn State will help you setup a branded website. This is a $5,000 value, but will only cost you $2,500. Please contact us to get the process started.

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Email Headers and Templates

Use these headers to begin email marketing to amplify your events, success and to communicate pertinent information. The folder contains an editable Adobe XD file allowing you to add your logo. Mailchimp email templates are available upon request.

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PowerPoint Templates

These templates provide a consistent image and presentation style while highlighting individual locations.

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Eletter Examples (Old)

Use these examples to begin email marketing to amplify your events, success and communicate pertinent information.

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Print Materials
Happy Valley LaunchBox Impact Brochure

A brochure highlighting Happy Valley LaunchBox's impact through the stories of those they've served. Files may be used to create your own brochure if applicable.

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Happy Valley LaunchBox Impact Stat Sheet

A 1-page document highlighting Happy Valley LaunchBox's impact through metrics. Other innovation spaces may use this document and insert their own stats.

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Happy Valley LaunchBox Service and Programs Brochure

A brochure highlighting the services and programs offered at Happy Valley LaunchBox. Files may be used to create your own brochure if applicable.

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Network Impact Brochure with Stats

A brochure highlight the impact of the Network through the stories of those they've served.

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A suite of branded materials such as business cards, letterhead, envelopes to be used for formal correspondence, for example, communicating with legislatures, dignitaries or distinguished speakers.

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LaunchBox A2 Notecard

Use the A2 notecard for invitations to events, personalized messages to partners and sponsors, and to thank participants after events.

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Vinyl window signage
Exterior Signage

Brand your innovation space with building signage and window vinyl.

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Happy Valley LaunchBox retractable banner
Interior Signage

Brand events and your innovation space with easy-to-transport retractable banners and decorative wall vinyl.

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Media Relations
Boilerplate Language

The standard description to use when describing LaunchBox.

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Media Advisory Template

Use the media advisory to alert media to upcoming events. It should be brief, say who, what, when , where and why, and include contact information.

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Media Release Template (Word)

The media release should read like a news story, written in third person, citing quotes and sources, and designed to be picked up by news outlets. For announcements about Invent Penn State please allow time for Ashley Palmer to review.

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Media Release Template (Designed)

Helpful for media events, the designed media release template presents a polished package to your media outlets.

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Roundtable Materials and Presentations

The roundtables are quarterly meetings where personnel come together to share best practices. Find meeting presentations here. Some meetings have Zoom recordings.

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3D printer at Innovation Commons
Innovation Space Photos

Photos of innovation spaces from across the Network.

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A great handout that can highlight a program, place or theme. Pin them on speaker lapels at events or on people being photographed.

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Give your brand visibility in homes, offices and class rooms.

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Coffee mugs are an excellent giveaway item that people will use regularly. Give them to bootcamp participants, speakers and place them around your location for high visibility branding.

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Give your brand visibility and reward program participants with a shirt that highlights their accomplishment and showcases your program.

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Stickers can go on anything and create visibility in the community when placed on laptops or phones.

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Virtual Speaker Series
Virtual Speaker Series thumbnail
Digital Assets

A variety of digital assests from social media graphics to Zoom backgrounds. InDesign files are available upon request.

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Virtual Speaker Series thumbnail
PowerPoint Examples

Examples of Zoom backgrounds with content added in PowerPoint. InDesign files are available upon request.

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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging (DEIB)
DEIB storytelling
DEIB Storytelling

DEIB storytelling guide, template, interview questions and glossary.

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We Rise Together thumbnail
We Rise Together

We Rise Together program information, event materials, presentations and surveys.

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DCED image thumbnail
DCED Resources

View DCED print decals and state funding acknowledgement memo.

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