The graphics, templates and materials in this section will help you communicate effectively about Invent Penn State within the context of Penn State, LaunchBoxes and innovation hubs.

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Visual Identity
Logo and Brand Guidelines

Marks may not be created or altered. Please contact us for help with co-branding with your campus and partners.

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Business Cards

Branded business cards can help you quickly establish credibility with your connection to Invent Penn State. For Invent Penn State staff we have approval from Strategic Communications to print on the back. Note: If you are a LaunchBox, use that card format with LaunchBox on the back.

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Use branded envelopes when mailing Invent Penn State related communications.

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Make a great first impression with this professional letterhead.

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Staff Photos
Staff Headshots

Headshots of the OEC staff taken by Rick Brandt.

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Startup Leadership Network
Startup Leadership Network Brochure

The Startup Leadership Network brochure is a great handout when speaking to people interested in joining the network or startups that could benefit from the network.

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Startup Pipeline

The Startup Pipeline is updated frequently and provides detailed information designed to provide information to collaborators and help potential industry or investment partners to identify opportunities for engagement.

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Commercialization Process

This graphic shows the commercialization process for technology at Penn State.

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Commercialization Pathway

This graphic shows the commercialization pathway for technology at Penn State.

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Photos from the Spring 2018 Startup Leadership Network event.

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Fund for Innovation
2017 Brochure

The 2017 Fund for Innovation brochure highlights the stages of commercialization and funding, eight Penn State ventures and program participants.

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Looking for that one presentation you're sure someone from our office gave that one time? It's probably in here.

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Looking for graphics and visual elements we repeat across presentations? It's probably in here.

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