The graphics, templates and materials in this section will help you communicate effectively about the Office of Industrial Partnerships within the context of Invent Penn State.

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Visual Identity
Logo and Brand Guidelines

Marks may not be created or altered. Please contact us for help with co-branding with your campus and partners.

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Business Cards

Branded business cards can help you quickly establish the connection between the Office of Industrial Partnerships and Invent Penn State.

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Use branded envelopes when mailing Office of Industrial Partnerships related materials.

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Make a great first impression with this professional letterhead.

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Print Materials
OIP Brochure

This brochure offers a comprehensive look at what the Office of Industrial Partnerships has accomplished. We print a large quantity of these and will provide what you need. Please contact us.

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36x24" Poster

First produced for Invent Penn State Day at the Capitol 2018, this poster is perfect for tabling or displaying during events.

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Innovation Gateway Flyer and Pocket Card

These handouts are perfect for industry partners or PSU researchers interested in tackling challenges in technical industries.

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Industry Sponsor Negotiation Topics

This document briefly describes fundamental principles related to agreements around conducting research with Penn State in a one-page form.

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IP Policy Brochure

This brochure highlights Penn State's IP Policy, why it's a more preferred policy to other institutions, and highlights our successes in research.

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CIMP 3D Pocket Card

This pocket card was used to promote the additive manufacturing, engineering and design at University Park.

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