Graphene/2D-Metal Hybrids for Improved Sensor Performance

ID# 2018-4864
SHG of hybrid structures

Technology Summary

The technology is based on creating atomically thin metals by sandwiching the metal atoms between a substrate and graphene. The unique structure of the metal atoms creates a strong plasmon resonance in the visible/near-IR wavelengths and extreme non-linear optical properties that are >2000x better than gold nanoparticles. These materials will enable unprecedented sensitivity and precision in spectroscopic detection of chem/bio molecules. Beyond the optical properties, this technology will enable new forms of plasmonic metasurfaces, plasmon-enhanced catalysis, and even next-generation quantum technologies.

Application & Market Utility

This technology is the active surface of specially engineered “microscope slides” that is proven to boost the spectroscopic signal of viruses and molecules by 100-1000x, enabling rapid and reliable identification of biological and chemical molecules for health, environment, and defense applications.

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