Injection-Free Diabetic Retinopathy Treatment

ID# 2012-3987
PEDF peptide as an eye drop

Technology Summary

In both diabetic retinopathy (DR) and age-related macular degeneration (AMD), patients’ vision is compromised by cell death, inflammation, growth of abnormal blood vessels, and edema. Most available drugs tackle blood vessel complications in late stage AMD but ignore the earlieroccurring pathological events. Panoptek Therapeutics has designed proprietary PEDF-derived small peptides to address inflammation and angiogenesis that result in cell death and vascular leakage. This novel topical diabetic retinopathy treatment provides safer, more effective, and noninvasive PEDF peptide treatment at both the early and late stages of the disease.

Application & Market Utility

Panoptek Therapeutics’ proprietary topical peptide technology has the following potential advantages over competing products: (1) addresses problems of both early and late stage DR and AMD; (2) is easy to manufacture; (3) is noninvasive; (4) can be used as needed by patients and at different doses; (5) can safely be applied at home; (6) is easy to differentiate its composition; (7) costs ~50% less than competing drugs; (8) is synergistic with other ocular treatments; (9) is likely effective for other retinal diseases.

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