Method, Apparatus, System and Kit for the Treatment of Hydrocephalus

ID# 2018-4853
DVS/ SAS implants

Technology Summary

This invention discloses a modular cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) drain system for treating hydrocephalus. When implanted, the modular components may be fluidly coupled such that cerebrospinal fluid may flow from a subject’s subarachnoid space through the modular components and into the subject’s cerebral venous sinuses. A kit including a guide device and the CSF drain system, as well as a method for installing the CSF drain system are also disclosed.

Application & Market Utility

Existing configurations to treat accumulation of excess fluid in a cranial space continue to suffer high failure rates from issues such as challenging surgical procedures to implant the catheters, too much or too little CSF fluid flow, susceptibility to periodic blockages or clots, recurrent infections, inadequate removal of excess fluid from the subarachnoid space of the brain and drainage rates impacted by a change of subject position. Accordingly, there exists a continuing need for improved devices and methods to drain excess CSF from the cranial space of a subject.

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