Technology for News Event Organization

ID# 2015-4295
Different mediums for news print

Technology Summary

A technology was designed for organizing the often messy stream of online news events into a coherent, chronologically-sorted story line. The software will be able to scan news event repositories, tag the events that come through based on their characteristics (actors/politicians involved, locale, date, categories). It then uses these markers to sense relations between separate news events and either adds the event to a current story line, or creates a new one if nothing relates to a certain threshold.

Application & Market Utility

This technology can draw from numerous news sources and piece together their takeaways in order to show the “full picture”. By seeing the event chronologically, its easier for the user to tell how the events have evolved from one another. This software could be used to explore the future as well as the past. Extrapolation of these story lines may help predict future events based on historical knowledge.

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