I-Corps National Teams Program

Teams that successfully complete a regional I-Corps short course program may be eligible to apply for the I-Corps national teams program. Those accepted into the national program receive up to $50,000 to assist with customer discovery and to cover the expenses of all team members attending the opening and closing workshops.

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Tamela Serensits, Spring 2022 National Teams Cohort Member

“The National Teams program was super-intense, but it was also a lot of fun. For us, we were able to come away with the impression that there is room in the 3D-printing world for more solutions for quality control, and now we’re going to pursue a prototype of a possible solution for quality control.”

How to Get Involved

  • Ensure Eligibility & Review Requirements
    • NSF hosts monthly webinars about the national teams’ program, you can view more here
    • You can learn more about these webinars and watch an introductory video (which describes the steps in the application process and helps you determine if I-Corps is a good fit for you and your idea)
  • Apply
    • Once you’re ready to apply, reach out to the Penn State NSF I-Corps Program Manager, Derek Gross
    • Eligible teams can then submit the online executive summary form 
    • For more information, we recommend visiting:
      • NSF program solicitation page here
      • I-Corps Team FAQ page here
      • The dates and locations of upcoming cohorts can be found here – this page is updated periodically