Making Entrepreneurship Accessible in Rural America

5. Insights: Lessons Learned and Recommendations

We’re still learning but have had some insights.

After seven years, 21 different locations, and thousands of hours supporting entrepreneurs across Pennsylvania, a number of lessons learned have emerged—some expected, and others not.

While we are still learning, we hope that these initial lessons will add to the growing body of literature for those navigating the complex problem of spurring economic development for their towns, regions, and states.

For those supporting rural entrepreneurs.

We have worked to create a playbook that provides actionable advice to community leaders, entrepreneurs, residents, leaders of institutions, elected officials, and those who want to play a role in uplifting, growing, and building thriving entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Many of these critical actions echo best practices from other organizations and individuals working to build thriving entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Others shed light on how large institutions can be more responsive to the needs of entrepreneurs and business owners in small rural communities.

We believe that states with large rural populations, especially those in America’s heartland, can benefit from and adapt these lessons learned to spur economic development for their communities.

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